Single Lady’s Home Sweet Home


I don’t just have one day, I now have several. My marriage for 10+ years was filled with stress, fights between my ex and myself almost everyday, arguments over the small stuff, and a very unpeaceful environment. The first thing I did when I separated was to make a promise not only to myself but my sons, whatever abode I decided to call ‘home,’ was going to be one of support, talking things out instead of screaming, respect, unconditional love and a sanctuary of calm. It was not an easy transition. One of which took a bit of work from all of us. Yet, today, right now, my promise is blooming. That is not to say there are moments, after all we humans are not perfect. However, I don’t need to wear ruby red slippers to know there is no place like home. And in my downsizing from a house to an apartment, I have found the best home of all…the one residing in my heart, overflowing with the person I always wanted to be.



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