Single Woman Writing Challenge

One of my favorite things to do on Saturday is….lounge around in my jammies, (which today consists of a t-shirt of Cookie Monster saying Keep Calm and Eat Cookies), snuggle with my kitties and browse the internet. Today, I happened upon Mandy Hale’s site, The Single Woman. I clicked on her blog link, finding a writing challenge. Sooooo, I am taking it on.

The first question I need to tackle is


Since I have been single for only 1 year and 6 months, I have not encountered this question, as of yet. However, I have been asked, by inquiring minds as to when I am going to get into the dating game. I even had one person ‘advise’ me, it was time to remove my rings on my left ring finger over to my right hand so the guys would know I was available. My answer? I am perfectly happy being with me, myself and I and am not interested in a relationship.

As for the rings? Soon after my divorce, I went to Kohl’s, finding four rings I felt were perfect in my life at that time and continue to be reminders of how I want to live and who has helped me. Here they are…

jesus                   ring                maya                snow

All of them are stacked with the ‘heart’ ring at the bottom, ‘joy’ coming next, the ‘cross’ ring second and ‘faith’ topping the tower. Right now, my faith and joy are the main avenues of life I am dedicated to. And for those seeking a relationship, this journey I am on is not always understood.

If I ever did get asked, Why are you still single? I would answer…no person has come into my life so utterly amazing, that I feel the need to change my status. Arrogant? Maybe so…but this time, I realize I am too fabulous to settle. And if that means, I spend the rest of my days as a single lady, then so be it!!! I know either way, my ending will be a happy one.



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