When is Calling…What is Your Reply?

When push comes to shove…do you move with the flow or resist?
When a door closes…do you knock as hard as you can or lightly tap?
When a door opens…do you run through it or turn your back?
When your heart says fly…do you answer with a resounding, “YES” or stifle it down with no?
When someone says ‘You can’t’…do you prove them wrong or believe their words?
When doubt crashes in…do you ground yourself in faith or shake uncontrollably with fear?
When worry overtakes…do you take each day one at a time or allow it to control your life?
When hatred rears its ugly head…do you still show love or ride the wave of revenge?
When gossip spreads…do you change the tune to a different song or get swept up its dirty rhythms?
When truth needs to be told…do you tell it like it is with sincerity and kindness or point your finger?
When secrets are shared…do you keep it to yourself or spill the beans?
When stress rips apart your day…do you laugh in its face or let it tear a hole in your soul?
When bad things happen over and over and over again…do you unfailingly climb towards the light at the end or throw in the towel and give up?
When things don’t go your way…do you let go of the path you were on and find a new one or keep plodding ahead in the same old way?
When unworthiness kidnaps every single breath you take…do you wholeheartedly believe the importance of who you are or choose to stay in captivity?

I believe in you and I always will…
Now put your brave on…
Believe in yourself
And go take on your life!!!



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