Taking An Opportunity to Say Thank You

Here’s to the bosses, managers, higher ups of my past…

Here’s to the way you all, treated me and others with disrespect, criticism that was far from constructive, and thinking of yourself.

Here’s to the times I felt a raise was warranted and you had excuse after excuse after excuse as to why you felt it wasn’t. Yet, I witnessed you spending money earned, from the hardwork of your employees, on golf trips, oversea vacations, new cars, and a new house for yourself.

Here’s to when you shouted, put down others and had temper tantrums, with no remorse or regard for your employees feelings.

Here’s to the your belief of entitlement, due to your position.

Here’s to you, bosses, managers, and higher ups…

For without you, in my life, I would have never had the strength to seek other employment, change careers, learn what I needed, as a professional to grow in my career and myself. Without you, I would have never faced my fear and left the zone of comfort. Without you, I would have never gathered up my courage, quit while the going was good, and walked through a door that offered a better future. Without you I would not be where I am today.

And without you, I would not have learned the lessons I did in how not to treat others, how not to lead, and how not to run a company.

Thank you for showing me a path I knew was no good. Because without you I would not have been able to be awed, everyday, by the people I meet, the stories I listen to and the place I am in.

That is right…without you, I would not have taken the chance to change, thus becoming the person I knew I could be given the right opportunity.



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