Ode to Rain

This afternoon, the skies blackened, the clouds swirled in, thunder roared and rain came down in buckets. It was so loud, the roof sounded like it was going to cave in at work. And as the storm raged, a co-worker stuck her hand around the door and said,

Got rain?

I laughed out loud so hard I almost thought rain was going to start falling between my legs!!!

So, moral of story? Despite the storms in life, never ever lose your sense of humor or forget to laugh out loud, no matter how old you are. For just like rain nourishes the green pastures, orchards, plants, trees and fields, laughter fertilizes the soul and spirit of not only oneself but also another.



One thought on “Ode to Rain

  1. You are SOOOOO right!!! I talked to my brother, Tom, yesterday. He said it had been raining all day!!! He’s in Troy, MI. I love your coworkers, “Got rain?” Very cute.

    It sounds like your coworkers or at least one of them, GET’S IT!!!!

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