Zombiefied by Technology

Since early Saturday morning, I have been without cable, a landline phone and the internet. Everything was finally booted back up yesterday. But, since I am of the ‘stone age’, having no technological access didn’t bother me. I grabbed a book, plopped into my bed and began feasting on the words within. It was delightful! And the peace and quiet…ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Which also gave me opportunity to think…

It seems technology has become an addiction for most of society. When I say I deleted my Facebook account, aren’t part of the Linked in crew and don’t Tweet, most people stop, then stare. The thing that puts them over the edge is when I reveal I don’t own an iPhone but a pay as you go one. They either ask, ‘What is a pay as you go one?’ or become speechless and walk away. These reactions I find quite funny.

You see, in my day to day life, I actually acknowledge people, regardless of whether I know them or not. At work, the other day, I had escorted a guest to the bathroom and was patiently waiting, in the hall, to escort her back to the lobby. (It is policy at my company that all guests, regardless, are escorted for security reasons.) I said, ‘Good Morning’ to every employee who walked by me. One employee was in the kitchen. After I had greeted the third person, she stuck her head around the corner, sarcastically commenting, ‘What are you the Walmart greeter?!?!?!’ I walked right up to her and politely, in my most pleasant voice, said, ‘I don’t like ignoring people when they walk by me. And, I am the company’s greeter today!’ Well, she didn’t have much more to comment after that. I guess some people are uncomfortable with person to person interaction. Or maybe, she was just having a bad morning. Who knows?

Anyway, I think in some ways technology is good. For instance, I type much faster on a computer/laptop keyboard than on a typewriter. Which is awesome because my thoughts don’t have as great of a chance to get ahead of my fingers. LOL!!! Cell phones are great to have when traveling, especially in rural areas. The remote controls the cable companies provide help a viewer find something of interest much quicker. As for DVR, well, I am able to tape not only Walking Dead, but also shows that are on in the middle of the night, allowing me to sleep and then watch at my convenience. And phones that surf the net, well no one would have fathomed that 20 years ago!!! However, it seems technology has also taken the ‘spirit’ out of a person, causing them to become zombiefied by the glow of their devices. It seems the personal connection is becoming more and more extinct as time goes on. I find this very sad.

For it is in connecting with others I find the most joy, the best fun and the greatest stories. It is in connecting that one person’s downs turn into ups. One person’s frowns become smiles. One person’s tears are turned into laughter. One person makes a difference. It is in connecting one gets to know the home residing in a person’s heart. It is in connecting one gets to bond spirit to spirit. It is in connecting one becomes a thread criss-crossing squares of lives together into a quilt fused with marvelous pieces of fabric fashioned from unique shades, colors, personalities, quirks, flaws, gifts and memories.

I do admit, I don’t understand the fascination with a device made of plastic, glass, a fake voice and space where one can only write a few words. I wonder what the techno zombies would do if technology off lined for a day, three days, a week, a month or even more. Would they wake up, smell the roses and see those of us living among them? Or would they devour us with their muteness and silence because they would not know how to relate to someone alive?

Who knows, maybe a technologic apocalypse would end depression, bullying, feuding between families and friends and provide a cure so others could escape being zombiefied.

Just some thoughts…

Blessings for the rest of your week,
And hopes you join me in becoming a greeter of the world,



2 thoughts on “Zombiefied by Technology

  1. I enjoy greeting the people who come into the dental office where I work. I love being cheerful with my voice and with my smile. I can’t imagine being any other way. I couldn’t be indifferent if I tried. Every single person deserves the best I can give them when they walk in the door. Of course, some respond graciously, but some just mumble and take a seat in the waiting room.

    When I eventually retire, I’ll miss these short but sweet interactions I regularly have with the patients I’ve come to know over the past twenty plus years.

    I make a point of trying to catch each person’s eye every time they enter the office and again when they leave. Some aren’t comfortable with that but I always try. I like that connection.

    It’s so much fun to be pleasant to others. It comes back and fills my heart with joy.

    That’s what life is all about, right? (I know you agree). 🙂

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