Shocked by Life

It is Friday eve. And this weekend, I had plans to sleep in for a very long time…stay in my pajamas all day Saturday and read, read, read. The last few weeks have been hectic and I figured I deserved a day to pamper myself. As the weekend has been inching closer, I have silently hoped I could have a day. Well, today it may turn out not to happen.

When I was at lunch, my youngest son called my work number but did not leave a message. I called him back figuring he wanted to talk about his PT score, physical fitness test scoring points for sit-ups, push-ups and a timed 2 mile run, from yesterday. You see, he has been working EXTREMELY hard to obtain his goal and he did it!!! He scored a perfect 300!!!!!!!! Yesterday, when I opened my email, there was his score!!!! I did not call him last night as finals week is coming up so I figured he was busy studying or sleeping. Anyway…

On the way home, I ended up calling him. He proceeded to tell me there was a fire, at 5 a.m., this morning, in his apartment complex. One person is dead. I was shocked!!! He also told me his roommate went around to everyone’s door alerting everyone. INCREDIBLE!!! Half of the building was burned down. The fire was contained one apartment over from my son’s. But, since an investigation is underway to determine the cause of the fire, those whose apartments are still intact are not able to return to clean out their stuff.

Thankfully, my son was not injured or worse. As for his stuff, it is replaceable. He is not. I told him if I was there right now, I would give him a huge hug as well as his roommate. However, I can’t imagine what the family is going through of the person who died.

As for my ‘me’ weekend? Well, that got thrown out the window as I told my son if he wanted to come home, I would come get him. He is okay, in temporary housing, for now but is keeping my offer open.

Life is that way. Yesterday, I was with my oldest son, on the way to dinner, and we saw a mini rainbow. I told him that meant things in his life were going to be fine. Life is that way. One minute happy go lucky, the next shocked all to hell!!

Yet, even though I still crave a day for me, I have learned these last few years, just how important family is and how precious each member. I have also learned it is the small ways we show love to each other that makes the difference.

For now, my son has no inkling of what I had planned for this weekend. He only knows if he needs to come home, I am a phone call away and I will be there.



One thought on “Shocked by Life

  1. Wow…what a scary situation with the fire so close to your son’s apartment. He’s fortunate to have you. Yes, he is.

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