Tribute to a Saver

deborah hughes

See this woman? She could be your mom. She could be your friend. She could be your neighbor. She could be any of these. However, she is not ordinary, by any means. She is someone who witnessed a major wrong and intervened. Despite the circumstance, she did the right thing. She got involved without hesitating. As a result, she was instrumental in saving a life.

Deborah Hughes is her name. She is a retired nurse. She went to provide help to a child, but ended up shielding an adult from further harm. She is now famous for her courage and tenacity. She is a living angel, a light shining bright and a heroine.

You may wonder what she did. Deborah Hughes saved Steve Utash’s life. As she stated in an interview, “Whether you’re green, white, pink, yellow, whatever it’s a human being being beat.”

Miss Hughes I applaud you. You are a living example of good triumphing over evil. I hope the lesson you have demonstrated becomes tattooed onto everyone’s heart, so as not to be forgotten, when someone else needs a good Samaritan to help them out.



3 thoughts on “Tribute to a Saver

    1. She yelled at the mob who were attacking him, then proceeded to give him first aid to help him breath as he was beat so bad, he became unconscious. Then she stayed with him till the ambulance came. She also had her gun in her pocket but did not have to use it.

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