Good Friday’s Grace

Yesterday, on Good Friday, many spent time in church, worshiping with others. I spent time, on the road, half in Michigan, half in Indiana, venturing to get my son and bring him home this weekend, listening to all the religious songs on my iPod. For the last few months, I have been getting Sirius free as a promotional trial, as well as listening to NPR, on a local station, so it has been a while since I have listened to ‘Annie Radio’, the nickname of my iPod.

As each song unfolded, the words, the rhythms, the music enveloped me with a blanket of comfort. Peacefulness settled in my soul as I glanced out the window watching Spring wake up for good. The dreariness of the morning, weepy with rain, turned into the sun peeking then eventually erupting as blue sky revealed itself amongst patches of white puffy clouds. The music of not only my iPod, but of my life was the background as nature’s symphony played its song right in front of my eyes. As I drove, paying attention to the road, my surroundings and the music, I realized, no matter where or how far away, I am always home in the presence of God. And each day, regardless of storms, is always good, I will never be alone, and the sounds of music and nature will provide me with everlasting wonder, awe, and inspiration by the Artist, above, who created it all.

Blessings on this Easter Eve,



One thought on “Good Friday’s Grace

  1. Safe in God’s presence. That’s how I felt years ago when I was doing a Bible study. Much of the time I feel uncertain if I’m doing what I should be doing with my time. When I was sitting with my open Bible, I KNEW I was doing the right thing and was very content.

    Happy Easter, Annie!!

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