Life Lessons from a Glass

Look, really look at this.



Take your time. Start at the top. Notice the smooth edges of the rim. See the streaks of light dancing along each side of the curved bowl, encapsulating the dark liquid. Note the mini shelf, at the bottom of the bowl, holding it steady so the liquid doesn’t slosh around. Move your eyes down the smooth stem to the puddle of the base. And then notice the miniscule reflection below the base. A glass with liquid, simplicity in a pure form. Yet…there is more to see.

This time, start at the mini shelf, moving your eyes up the liquid, to the top of the glass, then back to where the top of the liquid stops. Did you glimpse it? Or….

… are you wondering what the point is? I mean, really! This object is just an ordinary wine glass, nothing special about that. The liquid, yes probably wine, HELLO!?!?!?! And whoever poured it, made sure to stop at the half way point. So what?

Stay with me for a moment. Go back, one more time to the liquid. Really stare at the space it takes up, and the space surrounding it. Concentrate. What do you see?

Some will answer, ‘I see a glass half full.’ Some will say, ‘I see a glass half empty.’ Some may even reply, ‘There is liquid in a glass, with empty space above it.’ All based on perception, yet all true. But…there is another way to see it.

Regardless of how much or how little liquid is contained in the glass, it is always full. Okay, I can imagine what you may be thinking now, she obviously was drinking before writing this post!!! Time to skedaddle!!! HOLD ON!!! PLEASE stay for one more minute…

The glass is always full, even when there is no liquid. There is no magic to it, well maybe a bit. Amuse me. Just look one more time. Do you see it? I didn’t either, at first. I used to say the glass was half full. It wasn’t till I saw this…



In the blink of my eyes, my perception changed. And when I looked again, I saw, not a glass half full, not a glass half empty nor even an ordinary glass. I saw the invisible filling the glass so full it was overflowing!

Living is like this glass. Some lives are half emptied by the negativity they see. Some lives are half full as they try to focus on the positive, then are blindsided by the gloominess seeping in. Yet, some, despite circumstances or difficulties, have lives so full, their joy is contagious. And like, the air in the glass, they have a gift of not only seeing but also believing in things not yet seen. Their air is hope. Whether that hope is grounded in God or another Spiritual Being or nature or themselves or something they can’t explain but just know, their lives continue to stay full.

By nature, I am an optimist. However, I have had my share of seeing things half empty. Life is not easy, nor is it meant to be. I have learned, from hard knocks, slammed doors, and falling down, what it takes to turn a vacant shell into one brimming with abundance. First thing I do is delve into whatever emotion I am feeling, instead of ignoring it or making excuses. Second thing I do is shelf whatever I am going through, then pull it back down after a day or two, to see if I can find the hidden key to unlock a solution. Third thing I do is listen to all the negative junk flowing through my brain, then imagine myself stringing it strand by strand to a balloon, letting it go and watching as it floats into space. Fourth thing I do is coach myself with affirmations. And lastly, during each step, I talk to God. Often, as my inner voice splits the silence, the curtain of invisibility is drawn aside to reveal what I wasn’t ready or wasn’t able to see. And then my life becomes full again.

So, next time your eyes have blinded, your heart has been shattered or your spirit has been broken, remember the glass. It is always full, even when empty, due to air. And our lives can be full too, as long as we never lose hope, we trust in the unseen and we believe in ourselves.














3 thoughts on “Life Lessons from a Glass

  1. I love what you’re sharing here. Emptiness doesn’t exist because the void is its own entity. Did I get it???

    I like your way of letting accumulated negative thoughts float up, up and away via a balloon. Well, actually, all your ways of living well are grand!!!

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