Announcing the Birth of Spring

Here in the Mitten State, the calendar says it’s Spring, but the weather…well that is a different story. Almost every person I came in contact with today stated how tired they are of Old Man Winter and his shenanigans. Right now, I am sitting in my living room looking out my door wall. I am on the second floor so I have sort of a birds eye view. And I see Spring…all over!!!

There is one teensy, tiny patch of white stuff on a hill of dormant brown grass. I see a hawk, gracefully dancing with the wind. I see sidewalks which one week ago were covered with snow. I see blue weaving its way among the threads of puffy clouds. The sun is casting light onto the pine trees, causing shadows. And this at 6 p.m. Remember, just one month ago, how dark it was?

I see soft breezes causing the big pine, on the top of the hill, to gently sway back and forth. I can almost feel the warmth of 50 degree temperatures blowing in nature’s loamy scent. (However, since it is 20 degrees out, I have to imagine this scenario as I sit in a warm home, on a soft couch.)

Never fear!!! Spring IS really here! I saw it yesterday, in the brilliant reds, oranges and purples as the sun set. I witnessed it coming home, on lakes slowly thawing from the freeze. I saw acres and acres of farmland ready for sowing. And in one field, a herd of deer were grazing.

Spring may not have sprung or sprouted or bloomed or blossomed in ways we wish. Yet, I see it whispering, stretching ever so slowly, creeping softly…then it will POUNCE!!! So before it does, open your eyes and watch its birth. Then when Spring comes of age, relish in its glorious hues, its  pleasant perfume and its radiant resurrection of nature that had, for just a while, peacefully slumbered to Winter’s lullaby.




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