Life With Madeline and Montgomery

Right now, as I try to write this, my girlie cat, Miss Maddie, officially named Madeline, is doing her best to let me know she needs my attention. She has curled up as close as she can, onto my lap, with her motor vigorously purring a mile a minute. Occasionally she looks behind her as I type.

My son spotted her and her brother when we visited the Humane Society the year I filed for divorce. My cat had died the week before and my plan was just to ‘look’ because I felt, financially, it was not a good idea to adopt a pet. I figured I would get settled with my life, then after a year, I would open my home and my heart to a couple of kitties. It wasn’t until my son mentioned, ‘Mom, what if we see a cat we like?’ that my rational side got possessed by my emotions causing me to reply, ‘Well, I guess we will have to adopt him or her.’ Just like that my plans flew right out the window!

Long story short, I ended up adopting two babies, a brother and a sister-the same one mentioned above. Since my move toward singlehood, these two furry babies have kept my life not only sane but also full of spunk, spirit and fun. Like at the present moment, Miss Maddie is pawing my pajama sleeve on my right arm to let me know she desperately wants attention. Her purring is also at a high velocity.  She is the spirited one, the trouble maker, and despite her size, sometimes she is a down right bully to her brother.

Montgomery, aka Monty, on the other hand projects more of  a gentler side, although he too has his share of bullying moments. And due to his sister’s liveliness, he has picked up some trouble maker habits. However, both bring ALOT of joy into my life, which would otherwise be boring and quiet.

For instance, one night I picked up Maddie, took her over to Monty and let them sniff each other. Before I knew it, she took both of her paws and slapped Monty on either side of his face really HARD!! Poor guy!! He just sat there star struck. Of course, I had to put Maddie down, console Monty and control myself as I was laughing out loud!! Don’t worry, later the next day, Monty got her back, jumping on her, when she least expected it, resulting in a perfect tackle.

They not only wrestle well, but are wonderful greeters as well. Every night I come home from work, Monty is waiting at the front door. Maddie is either watching for me from the window, soundly sleeping somewhere or waiting with her brother. Tonight, she was sleeping on the cable box, her own mini heater. When she heard me talking with Monty, she woke up, jumped to her feet and ran right over. Sometimes, she will let out a loud meow, indicating she wants food NOW!!

When I go to bed, they both go with me. The other night, Monty curled up right by my side, falling asleep with his head in the crook of my arm, just like my other cat, Tigger used to do. On the weekends, I loll in bed, bookended with one cat laying by my left side and the other laying by my right side. Often, I fall right back asleep, not getting up until one or the other cat lets me know they are hungry. Maddie used to get me up, every morning, at 4 a.m. It wasn’t till I began filling their bowls, before bedtime, that I was allowed to sleep with no early morning interruptions.

Now I am not a hater of dogs. However I don’t feel a 950 square foot apartment is a good environment for the size dog, a nice black lab, I would love to have someday. Plus, there is no land for a dog to run free without a leash, tail wagging, tongue lolling, happiness exuding all over as nature’s playground is enjoyed. Cats, well they are the perfect pet for small spaces. Also, during the work day, they have each other to play with, cuddle with and sleep with.  They don’t need to be walked, as they have an indoor potty and they have, ‘kitty t.v.’, two door walls plus plenty of windows where they can tune in to birds, snow blowing, the dog below romping, among other things. They also don’t bark preventing the neighbors from being unnecessarily disturbed.

Yes, cats do the ruling in my home. As for a dog? Maybe someday. For now, Maddie and Monty and their antics are just right. Besides, I am not sure how welcoming they would be to another being known for drooling.

Here’s to pet rescue, pet love and of course, cats…


One thought on “Life With Madeline and Montgomery

  1. I’m so glad you have Monty and Maddie to keep you company. I feel better knowing you have them beside you during the night too.

    I didn’t grow up with pets so I didn’t develop an appreciation for them, but if I were living alone I think my feelings would probably change.

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