Punked Out

At work, I have been busy inspecting some rather gorgeous glass trophies which will be distributed at the end of the month for those lucky few who won one. This afternoon,  after lunch, my boss and my co-worker both poked their heads around the main office entrance doors leading into the lobby and asked if I was going to continue doing my trophy check. I thought is was odd as usually when a job is assigned to me, I don’t get reminders, micro managed or questioned about how my progress is going. So I answered, ‘Yes.’

After some catching up on my email, I went to get another box, packed with 12 smaller boxes of which each trophy resided. I asked my male co-worker if he could please pick up the box and load it on my cart. He did so, allowing me to get on my merry way back to my desk. I carefully took my scissors, slitting through the packing tape, beginning my inspection on the first box. After examining about six trophies, I picked up another box, opened it, took out the foam protecting it and found A JAR OF AUNT NELLIE’S BEETS!!! I was flabbergasted, not believing my eyes!!! My first reaction was total confusion as in how did these get in there?!?!?!

So, I went hunting for my boss. She was in a cubicle chatting with my other co-workers. I told her to look in the box to see what I found packed with the other trophies. She gave me this look of what?!?!? As I had put back the foam, I told her, “Don’t worry, nothing will jump out at you.” She carefully lifted the foam, saw the beets and burst out laughing along with everyone else. It wasn’t until after she got the receipt that I believed she had punked me GOOD!!! She admitted, on her lunch hour, she had gone to Walmart, purchased the beets, slipped them in the box, retaped the larger box, informed the male co-worker which box to give me and let everyone else, in the department in on the joke. As one co-worker commented, after the laughter fest died down, “We were waiting to see what you were going to do!” OMG!!! I thought it was a great way to break up the monotony of not only inspecting the same trophy over and over but also something fun to bring everyone in the department closer. I have been told the beets will show up again in the future. LOL!!!

Anyway, my boss’ birthday is this month. Now that I know how much fun she is, I will have to think up something good!!! Yes, I was the ‘butt’ of the joke, but it has been a long, long, long, time in fact eons since I have had so much fun at a job!! Interestingly enough, when I left my previous job, a co-worker asked me, quite sarcastically, if I thought the grass was going to be greener on the other side of the fence. I answered, “I won’t know till I get there, but it has to be better than this job.” My answer today would be yes. Why? Because not only is the environment more positive but also the grass is getting fertilized and watered on a regular basis, unlike where I was at.

So, I was punked BIG TIME!!! I guess at 51, I am still naïve. Yes, I am. But I also have a great sense of humor, and love the fact, adults laughed out loud making the start of my weekend, a hell of a lot of fun!!!



One thought on “Punked Out

  1. How fun is that!!! I love it!!! I’m soooo glad you’re happier at your present job than you have ever been before. It sounds like you have a great bunch of coworkers and a fun boss.

    I can’t wait to hear what you do in the same spirit for your boss’ birthday. Have a very nice weekend!! You definitely had a great sendoff.

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