Calendar Countdown to Spring

  1. The winter months of December, January and February are done, meaning meteorological Spring, which meteorologists consider the months of March-May, starts today.
  2. Mardi Gras, also known as Fat Tuesday or Paczki Day is March 4.
  3. Wednesday, March 5 begins the season of Lent, leading to Easter
  4. Saturday, March 9 clocks will ‘spring’ forward for those living in daylight savings zone.
  5. National Plant a Flower day occurs on Wednesday, March 12. For most of the U.S., it will probably still be a tad too cold to plant outside, so why not support your local florist, buying a bunch of ‘spring’, and planting them in a vase.
  6. My youngest son has ‘spring’ break this month from college.
  7. The Color Run 5K events, a unique paint race, begin Saturday, March 15. Go to to see if one is coming to your area.
  8. Saint Paddy’s Day is Monday, March 17, making green one of prominence. (And for those of us bombarded with white, green will surely be welcomed!)
  9. March Madness, the annual NCAA College Basketball Tournament, begins Tuesday, March 18.
  10. Spring, at least technically the first day, begins Thursday, March 20. This is also known as the International Day of Happiness.

Counting down to Spring as once again, snow is falling, with expected accumulations of 1-4 inches. I guess Old Man Winter isn’t ready to vacate the premises just yet.



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