Walker Fan

I am a walker fan. When I first encountered walking, I was so scared I had to close my eyes and shut it off as my brain had a hard time adjusting to the images before me. My first thought was ‘No way. That can’t be. It is daylight.’ I left for quite a while returning only after braving up and snatching a llllllllloooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggg glimpse. Even then, I wasn’t ready. It wasn’t until my son acquired the set that I partook in a marathon of sorts. I didn’t finish due to being so tired but I was hooked.

I am a walker fan. I have a history with walking, which began as a teen. I was home alone, on a Saturday. I found walkers, several in fact, of which spooked me so bad, I had nightmares for two weeks!! My walking journey continued as an adult. More walkers were revealed, this time at a shopping mall, with much less fright factor and a wee bit more humor.

I am a walker fan. I still squirm. I still cover my eyes. I still have nightmares. I even comment out loud, sometimes yelling, ‘OH NO!!!’ At one time, I almost gave up due to the slow pace, yet  I returned finding walking like a rollercoaster ride, thrilling the whole way!

I am a walker fan, not the ordinary, slip on my shoes, get out the door, hit the pavement kind. I am a walker fan of the dead, the Walking Dead, of which I only watch with one of my sons or during day light hours, as it scares the heck out of me like nothing else has. With the exception of that aforementioned Saturday afternoon when I tuned into the black and white, George Romero walker, Night of the Living Dead. To this day, I still get the heebie jeebies when I watch it, which has not been very often as I have a hard time getting past the opening scene. Interestingly enough, there is no blood, no guts, no ‘real’ feeding frenzies but my imagination, which is very vivid, has no problem filling in the missing parts. Unlike the Walking Dead.

It is packed full of intensity, gore, blood, rolling of heads, so much so my imagination takes a break while my heart rate scatters, my brain denies what is projected before me as I gasp in surprise, squirm at the horror, clench my hands and peek through squinty lids at each twist and turn. And, each episode makes me begging to come back for more.

Now you may wonder, how someone who speaks of love, God, faith, hope and inspiration could possibly get hooked on a show featuring walkers, aka zombies. It is actually the only t.v. show that I don’t channel surf through because I am bored after 5 minutes. Walking Dead is a buffet packed with creative characters, storylines, and obviously special effects and make up. When watching the shows I have DVRed, I get so involved, I forget to fast forward through the commercials!!! Although, last season, I almost stopped watching as I couldn’t stand the whining, drama queen character named Andrea. When she died, I didn’t shed a tear, but thanked the stars above she was finally gone!!! That is another reason, I love this show. There is plenty of  drama but without the constant whining, complaining, back stabbing or gossiping. Although there are plenty of scenes full of dramatic encounters that even the boogie man would fear.

I am a walker fan. And a Norman Reedus fan, who plays Daryl…eye candy for sure and awesome with a crossbow.


If you have heard, but haven’t watched, give the dead a spin. You may find yourself getting hooked and also becoming a walker fan.

Here’s to Walker Wishes but No Kisses as I want you to stay alive,



2 thoughts on “Walker Fan

  1. You had me scratching my head until I figured out what you were writing about!!! Funny!!! I was thinking, put on your shoes and walk. That kind of walking was all I could think of!!! Duh!!!! I’d never had a fear of it!!! Oh so funny!!

    I’ve never watched these movies but I surely will consider doing so. Happy weekend to you, Annie.

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