Tranquillite D’Esprit


Come on in and sit for just a little while.
Get comfy. Relax.
This moment is yours alone to

Close your eyes.

Feel the calming breezes gently swirling
Round the room.
Hear the pines whistling a soothing melody as
the leaves from neighboring trees whisper back.

Let your neck fall and

Breathe in…
Breathe out…

Bask in the calming
Warmth of sunlight.

Let your mind go limp,
Releasing all thoughts of the day
So they may soar away.
And you can just


(I don’t speak French, but it just seemed a perfect title for this post. It means ‘Peace of Mind.’)


6 thoughts on “Tranquillite D’Esprit

  1. Ahhhh…what a lovely place to come at the end of my day. I could spend a day in the peace you’ve created. Thanks so much, Annie.

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