Simple Task

For dinner, last night, I cooked up some scrambled eggs with toast. I put the pan in the sink to soak, turned on the dishwasher and went to bed. Tonight, I unloaded the dishes, saw the pan, scooped up the two small plates my kitties used for their dinner and the one large plate I used for mine, and threw in a couple pieces of silverware that the dishwasher didn’t clean very well. I was going to put them all in the cleaned out washer but instead…

I grabbed the white dishpan, squinted some Dawn soap around the bottom, and turned the faucet so the hot water could splash on in. Blooms of suds foamed. Dishes, pan and utensils were added. Sprigs of spring like scents filled the air. I plugged the other sink, flipped the faucet and filled it half way with sparkling hot water. I turned off the water.

I grabbed my dishtowel, dunking it around the dishes, to sop it with soap. Carefully I reached for a small plate. I swooshed the suds soaked cloth gently around the top, then flipped it over to clean the back. I slid it into the sink harboring clean water. As I did the suds immediately floated to the top.

I reached for the next plate, repeating my cleansing technique. Taking my time, I washed the remaining dishes, putting each one to rest in the hot water bath. By that time, the clear water had become sudsy and filmy. I turned the hot water back on to give a good rinse before stacking them to dry on the dish rack. All the while, my hands relished in the warm water. My nose exhilarated in the spring like scent wafting from the mounds of soap. My mind forgot about winter lurking outside.

After all the dishes were loaded in the dish rack, I pulled out the plug from the sink with the rinse water. It gurgled with a huge gulp of air, almost as if gasping to say, ‘You are done already?’ As the water drained away, I added the soapy suds, rinsing the dish pan, and the sink to wash the rest down the drain.  Suddenly, the suds came to a stand still. To give them a boost, I turned on the garbage disposal. Swiftly, they swirled straight down,  taking along the scents of spring.

Simple task…simply warm…simply comforting…simply peaceful…found in just washing a few dishes by hand.



2 thoughts on “Simple Task

  1. This is beautiful! Did we ever have fun, washing dishes by hand!! Thanks for sharing this experience with me. Can you imagine the fun we’d have if we had a sink full of soap suds and nothing else to do!!?? Sounds like fun on a hot summer day in the backyard.

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