Here’s To You…Part 2

Here’s to the doctor, in the pediatric unit, who ‘saved’ my life as a newborn.
Here’s to the ones who gave blood for my transfusion.
Here’s to my mom and dad for never losing hope.
Thank you.

Here’s to my second grade teacher, Mrs. Smith. It is because of her, I am addicted to reading. The school library would only lend out books to kids in grades 3 and up. As a result, Mrs. Smith ended up bringing in her own coveted books, so I could ‘borrow’ them. Ever since then, I have been an avid reader. Thank you.

Here’s to the guy and gal, at my local Mickey D’s, who work the drive through. Almost every morning, I stop for an unsweetened iced tea, rain or shine, cold or warm. Both this guy and girl are ALWAYS perky, up beat and make me laugh!!! And at 7 am in the morning!!! I think sometimes I purchase my drink to start my day off right conversing with pleasant, happy go lucky people. Thank you.

Here’s to my teacher in high school, Mrs. McMasters. She taught us about what happens when people within a company go on strike and why. Later in the year, she gave the class some extra work. The next morning, all of us, instead of going into class, sat in the hall, on strike, with negotiations in hand. And, even though we ended up compromising, we felt good about standing up to an authority figure. After we moved from the hall back into the classroom, she told us how proud she was for all of us to put in play, a lesson she taught. Thank you.

Here’s to another teacher, in college, who started me on the journey from being quiet to being a social butterfly. One class, I was talking to a friend as the teacher was lecturing. All of a sudden, he stopped, turned and said loudly, ‘Miss L, you need to shut up!!!’ This was the first time, in all my years of schooling, someone actually had to tell me to close my mouth. WOW!!! Because of him, I learned to speak up. And yes, once in a while the request to shut up has been repeated! LOL!!! Thank you.

Here’s to another teacher, Tommie Lee, when I was getting my teaching certificate renewed, who encouraged me to speak my mind. I remember, one class not understanding something. I was much older than the other students and at the time in my life where learning overtook the grade. For twenty minutes, I ‘held’ up the lesson asking questions so as to alleviate my confusion. The teacher didn’t stop me, but calmly answered. Throughout the discussion, the ‘youngsters’ were rolling their eyes. However, it didn’t bother me one bit. I don’t know how they did, but I ended up acing the class. Thank you.

Here’s to my parents. Both 86 years old, living together on their own and showering me with their love. Of course, I rain love on them a bit too!! Married for 55 years, they have a relationship so deep with love, understanding, and acceptance. It truly is a blessing they are able to grow old mature together. I admire both of them and am grateful I can share my life with them and their lives with me. Thank you.

Here’s to Cheryl/Shaddy. Ever since I started this blog, she has been an inspiration with her daily comments. For a while I went on hiatus, then wrote some, but wasn’t doing it regularly. It didn’t matter, Cheryl was there. Even though we have never met in person, I consider her a friend. Her blog is called Paper Cut Screams. Click on the link to pay her a visit She is funny, has super pictures…see her latest post about her kitchen renovation and whenever I visit her ‘place’, whether I leave a comment or not, it brings a smile to my face. Thank you.

And here’s to those of you who have subscribed to my blog. It is truly humbling to be able to share my heart with you. Thank you.



One thought on “Here’s To You…Part 2

  1. You must have had fun writing this post. Remembering all the people who affected you positively is joyful.

    Thank you so much for mentioning me. You don’t know how warm and fuzzy that made me feel. You’re sweet.

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