A Chapter in My Story

Nickname: Annie, Anna Banana
Meaning Behind My Blog Name: My faith is an EXTREMELY important part of my life. Many times I have leaned on God and Jesus to get me through trying times, in gratitude and when things are going well. I rely on both of them so much, I jokingly say, if I ever make it to Heaven, God will say I can dance, sing, laugh and yell but NO talking.
My biggest guilty pleasure is: eating ice cream for dinner.
I will never: smoke, take illegal substances or excessively drink.
One thing that always cheers me up is: watching funny videos on YouTube.
I love: to read, fill the tank with gas and drive without a map, cuddle with my kitties, spend time with my parents and my boys and laugh out loud!
The beauty product I can’t live without is: Burt’s Bees chapstick. It is a bit pricey but the only chapstick that really moisturizes deep. (A dab of it also stops a cut from bleeding!)
I can live without technology and television but not without libraries or books or magazines.
I definitely don’t get enough: exercise.
If there was a song about my life it would be: Forget Your Troubles, Come On Get Happy
Three words to describe my clothing style:
comfy fleece or denim; sneakers; super sized jackets
If I had superhero powers, they would be: grant wishes, fly like Peter Pan and make people laugh out loud!
My worst habit is: I still bite my nails.
My favorite television shows are:
Walking Dead, Super Soul Sunday and documentaries.
My least favorite television shows are: the so called ‘reality’ ones.
Someday I would like to: 
run a Bed and Breakfast or bookstore.
If I could live anywhere in the world I would live:
in Indian River, because of the Cross in the Woods, my favorite spot in Michigan.
My favorite time of the day is: in the middle of the night.
A lesson I am learning to live: 
letting go and letting God.
One activity I would never do: 
bungee jump. Just watching it gives me the hibbie jibbies.
My favorite color: tickle me pink-just the name makes me smile!!! And, yes it is a real color in the big Crayola box.
My biggest pet peeve: self centered people.
One thing I am working on to improve myself: learning to be more assertive without feeling guilty.
One thing I loved about being married: having someone to go places with.
One thing I love about being single: no arguments.
I believe everyone should own this book: The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch
If there was a fire the first thing I would grab would be: my kitties.
What I know to be true: no matter how much botox, plastic surgery or reconstructive work a person has to stop aging, death will still come knocking.
One friend, from the past I would like to reconnect with: Debbie Betley. We were great friends when our kids went to school together. Not even sure why we fell apart. I did write her a note about getting back together and apologizing for anything I did, but never received a response.
One of the nicest gifts I ever received: when my grandma was alive, I went grocery shopping for her. Before dropping off the groceries, I stopped at Bill Knapps and picked up dinner for the both of us. When I arrived at her home, she told me she had put in a Stoffer’s t.v. dinner to share with me. So, we dined on my meal and hers!! But what made the meal so special is we were both thinking of each other. It is a gift I will never forget.
One sound I hate: whining.
One sound I love: people laughing out loud!!
If I make it to Heaven, I would love God to say: Welcome Home



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