The Way to Make Time Stand Still…If Only For a Moment

It’s already February!!! The first day began with a smattering of snow. The second day brought a groundhog sighting and a Super Bowl. What a way to start a brand new month!! However, after today, there are only 25 more days left…imagine if that was all the time you had. How would you live out loud?

As a child, I wished life to hurry along, furiously planning for the future, running a marathon to win the race to adulthood. Yet, time dragged. I remember sitting in church, how long one hour seemed, especially since I had things to do, friends to hang out with and places to go. School was another place time slowed wwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy down. It seemed like the minutes hardly moved. Tick,    tock,    tick,    tock…I watched the minute hand slow dance with the second hand. It felt as if each day was never going to end. And, Christmas Eve, well time abruptly stopped on that day. It took so long to fall asleep. It took so long for morning to erupt. It took so long…tttiiiccckkk,      tttoooccckkk,          tttiiiiiccckkk,              ttttoooccckkk…like sands through an hourglass, those were the days of my life. 

Now time spins at a pace I can hardly keep up with. No day drags. The older I get, the quicker it goes, ticktockticktockticktock……the hours whiz by, the days move faster than the speed of light and the years, oh I blink and they are gone. But, the moments…without those I would be lost. That is the lesson of time…living one moment at a time. And how fortunate, as age creeps in, maturity appreciates the moments that are left.

Thus far, I have lived one half century + one year. I know death could come a knock’in at any time. I also know I want to soak up each and every moment, savoring it, being awed by it, noticing all that time is offering. Think about it…in 25 more days, February will be March. Think again…what would it mean if, in 25 days, your life would be over?

Or, instead of thinking about having only 25 days, let me break it down…you have

One day of 1,440 moments
Seven days/One week of 10,080 moments
Thirty days/One month of 43,829 moments
365 days/One year of 525,949 moments

So, how will you spend them? In case you have no idea, the ticks and the tocks have an invitation for you. They are inviting you to a party to celebrate no worries about the future, moving through regrets of the past and to offer a beautifully wrapped present. For…

This is your time
This is your dance
Live every moment
Leave nothing to chance
Swim in the sea
Drink of the deep
Embrace the mystery of all you can be.
(‘This Is Your Time’ by Michael W. Smith)

The time is now…the party is on…how will you RSVP?



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