We’re Having a Heat Wave

I know I promised a post about Lady Gaga but something has occurred. WE ARE HAVING A HEAT WAVE! That is right, a real live down home HEAT WAVE!!!

Today I heard comments such as,

No mittens!!
It is so balmy out!
It is gorgeous out!!
It feels like 70 degrees!!!

Here is the reality check. For the last few weeks, temps have not moved out of the teens, with most days having wind chills of between -10 and -30 below zero. The Arctic Blast has sure made its presence known!!! Up in Northern Michigan, cities requested residents keep faucets at a slow drip 24/7 so as to prevent pipes from freezing. Snow plow companies are working overtime plowing to peel the layers of old snow from the streets as salt does not work due to the frigid air. But…today

We’re having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave. Oh yeah!!! A 30 degree heat wave!!! Yes sir!!!

Hey, hey, back up there a minute. Did you just say, ‘A 30 degree heat wave?’

Yes, we’re having a heat wave!!!

Wait one doggone minute, 30 degrees is below freezing. That is no heat wave!!! What the heck are you on?!?!?!

Look, compared to what the temps have been 30 degrees is WARM. So get out of my way, and let me sing and dance cause
We’re having a heat wave!!!! A 30 degree heat wave!!!! Oh darn…I had to watch the news. And guess what?


Tomorrow, I won’t be dancing. I won’t be singing. I will be in my jammies, snuggled underneath a warm blanket because

Frosty the snowman
Will be tap dancing his way into town
Bringing 2-6 inches of pure white snow
And a drop in temperature
And then on Sunday
Mr Groundhog will predict
Spring’s early arrival or
Winter’s stay
Guess the heat wave
Is over for today.

However, there is good news…only 48 more calendar days till Spring. Won’t be long now till we’ll be having a heat wave!!!!

Here’s to above freezing temps, warm hearts,
And heat waves,


5 thoughts on “We’re Having a Heat Wave

    1. THANK YOU LUCY!!!! I started this blog 5 years ago but did not stay dedicated to my writing as life swooped in…well this year I decided if I was going to consider myself a writer than I better start writing!!!! I am honored and VERY humbled to receive such an award. Thank you again!

  1. Versatile is right!!! You can write about just about anything, Annie!!! We’re enjoying the warmer temps here in southern Wisconsin too!! Instead of holding my breath as I walk from truck to work, I could actually take a deep breath. It was nice!!

    1. Today, the snow is coming down again. I did walk to the mailbox and the leasing office to pay my rent. When I returned home, I had a sprinkling of snow up and down my jacket. My kitties looked at me, like ‘Mom where have you been?!??!’ Not too cold, just nice crispy weather!!!

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