How Cold Is It?

Yea, here in the state of Great Lakes, it is cold, like below zero cold, like negative number cold. So, how cold is it you asked? Let me tell you…

It is so cold…

-the boys wearing gangsta pants down beyond their crotches, have pulled them up.
-if one cries, the teardrops instantly turn into icicles.
-cheeks naturally form blush.
-boiling water thrown in the air immediately freezes it.
-bubbles become frozen spheres.
-power walking is the norm.
-scarfs, large bulky coats, mittens, boots and fur rimmed hats have
become fashionable.
-cars skate along road ways.
-potholes are taking over and rapidly growing day by day.
-schools are closed more often than they are in session.
-the upper peninsula has been warmer than the lower peninsula.
-hell has frozen over…Hell, Michigan that is.
-my cat sits on the cable box to get warm.

Here are some more from the internet…
It is so cold…kids no longer have acne, they are getting goosepimples…when the cows were milked, they didn’t expel milk but ice cream…escaped inmates are turning themselves in…you literally have a cold shoulder…one can fart snowflakes…10 degrees feels like a heat wave…even the Good Humour man is in a bad mood…people are drinking hot sauce instead of coffee…

And lastly, it’s so cold, it is like automatic botox!!!

Just one more…which made me LAUGH OUT LOUD!!!

Hopefully this post helped bring some humor and laughs, especially if you have been bombarded with cold and snow.

Safe travels, warm thoughts and


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