4 Wheeling in Winter Plea

Dear 4 Wheel Vehicles,
Let me make it clear, I am a Focus. As a small sized car, I am not equipped to run ram shod through any amount of snow as I do not like getting stuck and do not wish to ruin any part of my beautiful exterior. Yes, I will do a tap dance on black ice, am forced to slow down at intersections by my driver when she sees ice and once stopped on ice, I will not be able to get a running start out of the gate due to my traction control, which helps me from going into a full rounded out of control spin.

My driver will drive slowly, probably well under the posted limit, especially if the roads are totally covered with snow. As a result, if you have the gumption to speed, please do not tail gate but pass us by in the next lane. Also, please recognize, just because you are a huge vehicle supported by huge wheels loaded with four wheel drive means nothing if you happen upon black ice. Simply put, you will not be able to stop. This season, I was almost rear ended by one of your drivers because they thought they were invincible. Just a reminder, in intrepid weather, size does not matter.

If you are not able to park within a garage or under a carport, it would be swell if your driver would brush off snow from all parts, but especially the hood, as at travel speeds, it causes a mini blizzard to form, making it hard for my driver to see anything until your driver gets several feet ahead of us.

While in traffic jams, I would greatly appreciate it if your driver could stay at least 2 car lengths away from my backend instead of riding my rear. Roads have become rather slippery and if my driver has to slam on her brakes, causing your driver  to slam on their brakes, you may not be able to stop, instead ending up in my backseat. Not that I would mind having you as a friend, however I really love my car the way it is, and don’t need my backseat renovated.

For now, that is all. Please take this letter seriously and next time you are  traveling, please follow some winter weather etiquette. I would surely appreciate it!

Here’s to safe travels,
Friendly Ford Focus

P.S. My driver will return tomorrow.


One thought on “4 Wheeling in Winter Plea

  1. How cute and how true!!! I wish everyone could read this, Annie!!! I’m a truck driver but a considerate one.

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