Defying the Comfort Zone

Today, a lot of folks depend on a GPS system instead of a map. I am old school and still use maps. Yet, maps and GPS systems still are not 100%. Despite the comfort of technological advances,  printed directions and detailed routes, it is inevitable wrong turns will be taken, traffic jams will occur, detours will have to be driven and dead ends will pop up. However, being in a car, means finding other means to get around or get through. There is no option to quit knowing a destination has to be reached, especially if time is a factor or a much needed vacation is overdue.

Life, too, comes with plenty of wrong turns, jams, dead ends and detours, but without the help of maps or GPS systems. Yet, life also offers many opportunities. However, why do so many put on the brakes when life gets sidetracked?

I believe most become too enmeshed in the comfort zone. I have heard the following repeated, time after time-I don’t like my job, but I can’t leave because I don’t have a degree in anything. I can’t change my circumstances. I don’t have the finances to better myself. I don’t…I don’t… I can’t…I can’t… Because moving out of comfort, one is forced to face challenges, rethink what is supposed to be into what could be, and conquer fear of the unknown. Yet, the comfort zone is like a favorite pair of jeans, even though ragged with holes, somehow the emotional attachment to it, despite it no longer being useful, outweighs how much better off one would be in a new pair.

The comfort zone is a tricky little bas***d. It tends to encapsulate our lives so tightly, sometimes it has to be ripped off and torn to shreds in order to escape. I know. I am a fellow prisoner, lingering day after day in that zone, knowing it is no longer comfortable, nevertheless convincing myself to stay. And I realized staying does not solve anything. It is only when I start acting on my dreams, my goals, my inspirations, no matter how small the steps, is when I am able to  take a leap of faith into the unfamiliar, unpredictable side. And yes, it is a leap of faith, for when I jumped, I had no idea what I was going to encounter. But I did it anyway for I knew if I stayed within the zone of comfort I would never find out my possibilities. And I as unstuck myself from the glue comfort adhered me to, I felt free, weightless and fearless. Granted, the first time I leapt, I was scared to death!!!! In spite of that first venture, now every time I get the nudge to sprint, leaving comfort gets easier. I have learned staying in action is much better than believing wishing upon a star is enough.

At the end of a long day, I find comfort in slipping into a pair of fleece jammies, wrapping myself in my giant fleece blanket, grabbing a good book and snuggling with my kitties. However, in life, comfort can be a killer, destroying our dreams, our possibilities, our spirits and our courage. Learn to take a leap of faith. Learn to dance with the unknown. Learn to face fear. You can do it. And unless you do, you may live the rest of your days with regret rather than knowing the place where magic is calling your name.



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