Happiness is…

-the drive to work and the drive home being exceptionally nice.
-having a boss who emailed me to come into her office, then presented me with a pack of Little Debbie heart shaped cakes. YUM!!!
-a warm fleece blanket.
-long weekends, meaning since Monday is a holiday, our office is closed.
-never quitting.
-kitties purring.
-peace and quiet.
-the smell of a brand new book.
-having money to pay the bills.
-being needed.
-no alarm for tomorrow.
-making people laugh OUT LOUD.
-iced tea with a lot of ice. (yes, I drink this 365 days a year!)
-bare feet buried in deep carpeting.
-letting my inner child soar without thinking about what other adults may think.
-dinner that gave me leftovers for 2 nights!!
-being me.
-living simply.
-accepting what is.
-having courage to tromp fear.
-adapting to change.
-laughing out loud!!!
-being still in the moment.


Happiness is…of course warm puppies, raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens, warm woolen mittens, and no place like home.



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