No Place Like Home

I believe Dorothy had the right idea…there is no place like home. My mantra ALL the way home tonight. See, it snowed. Well, of course this is no surprise, here in the Great Lakes state, as it is winter. It didn’t even snow that much, only about 1″ or less. However, it took me 3, yes 3 HOURS to get home from work, with 3 mini stops along the way. First stop was after 2 hours, as my bladder was screaming, ‘STOP, STOP!’ So I made a pit stop at Wendy’s, for nothing else but to use the restroom. And oh what a relief it was!!!

Second stop came 30 minutes later. You see now that the bladder has been emptied I am THIRSTY!!!! Plus, I was rapidly losing patience by the constant stop, go, stop, go…OMG the guy behind me is TAILGATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop, go, stop, go….think of it as being 1000 times worse…oh all right, I am telling a fish story, but it was bad. So, I went through the drive through at Mickey D’s. As I came around the drive through, with my drinks, I thought about staying for a bit in the parking lot. I mean I had drinks, a book, heat and my sanity needed a break. However, I noticed traffic seemed to have thinned out. SURPRISE!!! One mile up the road, it slowed to stop, go, stop, go, stop, go…

Third stop was at the grocery store to pick up cake and ice cream. The occasion? Nothing special except by now I was having a craving for sugar. I made my way in, moseyed around the aisles, eventually stopping by the frozen delicacies and bakery. I take that back. There was an occasion, the stress I was enduring, stop, go, stop, go, stop go… muttering ‘there is no place like home’ and thinking about the delicious leftovers I was going to heat up for dinner. Which is what you ask? Ahhhhh!!! A bit of pork loin; fingerling potatoes sautéed with garlic, butter, parsley, sea salt, dill and paprika; and packaged Brussels sprouts with a butter sauce. (Yep, it’s heating up in the oven, as I write this.) Anyway, I do digress…I ended up buying a mini lemon layer cake and pralines and caramel ice cream. Good thing I had leftovers or I would have sliced up the cake and dished some ice cream for dinner! Yes, dessert for dinner is not just for kids…at least the little kind!

Well, back to my agonizing drive…as I said, there was not a heck of a lot of snow. At least not like last week’s dump. Honestly, I think people just forget how to drive in it or are freaking out listening to the peeps on the radio reporting how slippery, how icy, how treacherous it is when those peeps are INSIDE!!! I do admit, my traction control did go off a couple of times, thankfully. And there were a few patches of ice. However, it was not necessary to go 2 MILES  EVERY FEW INCHES ALL THE WAY HOME!!!! Thank goodness, I take the back roads or I NEVER would have gotten home. The radio peeps were reporting multiple accidents on the freeways and callers were commenting how much worse it was. Now, I am not saying people needed to drive up to speed. However, on the rare open spots of road, I was doing a nice speed of 25-30. But back to my story…

Eventually, I started getting hot. I was bundled up in a winter jacket, seat heat on, car heat on and hot flash coming ON!!! OMG!!!! So, call me crazy, call me insane, call me whatever…I did the next best thing. I turned off the heat everywhere, unzipped my coat a bit and opened both front seat windows. Then I cranked up the radio so loud, it made me think it was summer, cruising down the road, having a good old time…until the wind blew and snow flew in the driver side window. After a while, my imaginative moment died, I shut the windows and slowly stop, go, stop, go, stop, go…continued on my way home. ‘There is no place, no place, no place like home.’

As I turned in to my apartment complex, parked and got out of my car, I thought about bending down and kissing the ground, I was SO GLAD I MADE IT!!!! But, I decided to grab my cake, my ice cream, my purse, my book and my drinks and stroll on into my pad. Believe me though, once the door was closed and locked behind me, I danced up the stairs, greeting my kitties with an uproarious ‘HELLO’, popped my dinner in the oven, threw off my jacket and shoes and felt relieved, much more so than the pit stop to pee, to be in the place I call home.

My story is done. My dinner is heated. My kitties are standing by for some lov’ins.

Until next we meet again…safe travels…peace and blessings,



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