Welcome In, All

All are welcome here.
-seen on a church marquee

Can you imagine how different life would be if ALL were welcomed here, regardless of beliefs, gender, sexual preference, sins, handicaps, life issues? Can you imagine how different we would be if all were WELCOME here, without judgment or criticism, just acceptance? Can you imagine how different the world would be if all were welcome HERE?

Jesus said, “Love one another.” He showed love to whores, lepers, tax collectors, cheaters, sinners…a whole gamut of the ugly, the outcast, the looked down upon, the unloved…you, me and all of us in between. He welcomed all.

Yet, there were those who didn’t like His ways as they went against the status quo. There were those who wanted to be liked by the general public, so they threw Him to the wolves, who crucified Him.. There were those who continued to taunt and torture, while He hung. Just because He loved.

My son was 6 years old, when the Twin Towers were destroyed. Next door lived a family of Muslim ancestry. Their son was my son’s friend. Despite the horrific incident, while the rest of the world was condemning ALL Muslims, my son loved his friend. And, I encouraged him to do so.

In high school, one of my friends, of male gender, admitted he was gay. When he told his parents, they kicked him out. He was 18 years old. That didn’t matter. It also didn’t matter that he was their flesh and blood. I have never forgotten his anguish.

Yes, I do possess bias, prejudices and I judge people. I am human. But, it does NOT make it right. I have faults. I am a sinner. I have not been granted forgiveness when I apologized for my wrong doing. I could not forgive my ex, choosing to leave rather than give him a second chance. And I call myself a Christian?!?!?!?!

Today, it is becoming more and more acceptable to ‘mouth’ off opinions. It is becoming the norm for ‘Christians’ to judge in, what I find, a very condescending and non-Godly like manner. It reminds me of the Nazis. Yes, that is strong but think about it…they dictated the norm, killed to justify their beliefs and then showed no remorse when they were caught. Many believe the Holocaust did not happen, I believe it could happen again, if we don’t stop hating, if we don’t stop judging, if we don’t stop pretending our way is better, if we don’t stop condemning, if we don’t stop being Christians and instead become disciples.

Jesus loved, with no strings attached, and His love still gloriously flows, if we allow it to. I may not agree with someone’s lifestyle. They may not agree with mine. However, we are people who deserve better than what society is currently handing out. We need to embrace our likenesses, respect our differences and know one group of people, who choose to do evil, are not indicative of the whole group.

So, because I wish to be a disciple of Christ, I am adding the following to my Dawnings list. I am going to listen with my heart, instead of judge with my mind. I am going to sympathize, instead of point my finger. And I am going to get to know people, so I can open up my soul to accept them as they are. It will be a daunting task. But I have Jesus on my  left, and God on my right. With them, love will find a way.



2 thoughts on “Welcome In, All

  1. Beautiful and well-written thoughts, Annie. You sure made up today for not writing a lot yesterday!!! I appreciate and agree with all you’ve written here. Every day is a challenge for me and I recognize my failures constantly. I feel at a loss to straighten myself out but after reading your posts, I know what to do. Pray for God’s help instead of beating myself up.

    Thank you for all you are and all you do to help others.


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