Cave Woman Techno Rants

The other day I was out shopping. I almost plowed down a teen with my cart because she was busy walking and texting. I swerved to avoid her but since her attention was elsewhere, she almost collided with me. Really, is texting that important?!?!? Due to this incident, I decided to get in tune with my inner cave woman and rant…

RANT 1…I am probably the only one in the whole entire universe, okay, slight exaggeration, but I know I am a rare bird, who does not own an iPhone. OMG!!! I could not believe the new one costs $500!!!!!! Who needs a phone that EXPENSIVE!!!! It seems for that kind of money, it should come with a person who follows you around to answer any calls or maid service.  And, as I found out from my son, that does not include the service plan! My phone? A simple pay as you go tracphone. Yes, a tracphone, the one where the more mature, white-headed gentleman advertises it on t.v. with his more mature wife. Cost of phone-$50. Cost of service-$30 a month. It does not have any bells and whistles, although it does have access to the internet which I don’t use. It is great for emergencies or in rural areas or on islands where most high-tech phones don’t work. Primitive? You bet. But perfect for a cave woman.

RANT 2…When I was a teen, there were NEVER warnings about texting and driving. For one, there were no cell phones. Problem solved. I mean isn’t eating while driving, singing to the radio and entertaining young children enough of a distraction? Which leads me to

RANT 3…I have never owned a vehicle with a t.v. Wow! Talk about ending conversation!! Yes, I know how hard it is to keep young children entertained, especially on an extended car ride, however think of all the things you could learn about them through talking or all the games, such as ABC License Plate Search, you could teach them. And no trip is complete without the ‘Are we there yet’ inquiry. I could be wrong and the intention was probably not meant for this, but it seems as if having a t.v. in the car is a way to assure kids are ‘seen but not heard.’ Isn’t it bad enough there is a campaign promoting ‘Dinner with Family’ in lieu of watching the boob tube?

Okay…hold on up… ADMISSION TIME-Yes, I own a smart t.v. Not the super-duper sized one, but a mini version. Yes, it has access to Netflix, YouTube and TED Talks. I also have a DVR subscription and tape shows such as Super Soul Sunday, inspiring movies and Walking Dead. However, I still have not watched all the programs I taped from November of 2013. And, when I watch t.v., I am a surfer. I get bored VERY EASILY and don’t find much that is entertaining. Which is probably why I read 267 books in 2013. Yes, that is right…267! For me, books are a much more provocative way to keep my mind sharp as a tack. Especially those with topics that require another way of thinking or deep soul searching…leading me to

RANT 4…I do not like green eggs and ham. Ooppps…I mean I do not like Ebooks and spam. I am an AVID lover of books. At least once a week, I visit my local library. Sometimes I take along a list of books I would like to read. Other times I aimlessly wander around the shelves looking for something and some author I have not delved into before. It is not unusual to spend 2 hours among the shelves or to take out a minimum of 20 books at a time. And just get me in a bookstore…it is like being a kid in a candy store! (Of course, I limit my time, taking only cash so I don’t rack up my credit cards!) When I purchased my laptop, it came with Kindle. I decided to browse the ‘free’ books. I see why they are free. About 90% showcase a half-naked man and woman cavorting on the cover with racy titles. Since I am an aging cave woman, I know these would do nothing to stimulate my mind. Plus, where is that new book smell? Or the excitement of holding a brand new, pristine book one has not read before? And, since my favorite all time stress reliever is reading in the bath tub, what happens to a Kindle if it gets dropped in a water? Also did you hear about the new ‘library’ with no books, just tablets? I do believe Fahrenheit 451  is becoming a reality.

RANT 5…I do not have a twitter, linked in, my space or Pinterest account. Right before the New Year, I deleted my Facebook account. I know there are millions of articles stating how ‘media’ is the rage to marketing yourself and gaining a wider viewing audience. Yes, it would be nice to have a zillion followers and don’t get me wrong, I do get REALLY excited when someone new becomes a follower of my blog. However, I find writing a catharsis, a place to figure out my journey, who I am and how to solve issues that may or may not lead to encouraging someone else to overcome whatever they are dealing with in their lives. The intention of my blog is not to gain recognition or popularity.

and for the last one…

RANT 6…Cell phones in general beginning with the warnings. It seems absurd that before church or a concert or any event, someone has to get up and remind people to turn off their phones and pagers.  And, in workplaces, it has become the norm to have a sign indicating cell phones need to be turned off before approaching the desk or placing an order. Really? Does no one have common sense anymore? Another one?  Using the cell phone to talk in public as loud as possible so EVERYONE can hear. My life has enough issues without being privy to someone else’s woes and drama. Most irritating? Going to a restroom, hearing a voice from an adjacent stall talking. I am perplexed. Are they talking to themselves, speaking to me or what?!?!? Eventually, I figure out they are talking on their cell phone!!! First thing I think of? Restrooms usually have an echo of some kind. Does the talker not realize the other person can probably hear the toilet flushing? Besides, shouldn’t a public restroom be a place where EVERYONE can enjoy a bit of peace and quiet? Which leads me to another thought? Are men talking on their phones while using the urinal? Ok, I know not a good image to share but you get my point.

Yes, I am primitive. I was born in the 60’s, grew up in the wild child, hippie era, with no remote control, no techno gadgets, and no cable. Yes, I have become computer savvy, loving challenges these devices sometimes throw out. However, as I tell my kids, years from now, when cars are driverless, micro chips inserted into flesh are the norm and libraries are obsolete, I will be the woman living on 50+ acres growing my food, communicating with the underground book dealers to obtain books, using pen and pencil to write letters and relishing in the simplicity of life.

Your resident Cave Woman,


4 thoughts on “Cave Woman Techno Rants

  1. I loved it. I am a closet cave woman. I come out and rant from time to time. You must be psychic–those are all my irritants in life. I was born in the 50’s and I was a hippie. I’m an anthropologist who explains everything in terms of our cave days. Love it Annie. You have a new follower. Lucy

    1. Thank you for visiting. Glad you enjoyed my post. Funny how in the past, we lived without the techno. I often wonder what would happen if all of it shut down? Not sure if the new generation would know how to survive. Course maybe those of us from the ‘dinosaur’ age might teach them a thing or two about nature, real books, writing, gardening, etc.

  2. Your ranting is spectacular!!! It’s written extremely well written and is entertaining plus!!! I can identify with every one of your rants. You definitely have your head on straight and will charge through 2014 with your usual devotion to God and your strength of character.

    Did I say I love this post??!!!

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