Snow Day Thoughts

Yep, I am an adult. Yep, it is snowing. Yep, I have the day off. Yep, I have done the snow day dance!!!! YIPPEE YAHOO!!!!!

As a child, snow days were far and few between. In high school, I remember walking to the bus stop, slogging through the snow, wearing tennis shoes-yes tennis shoes as NO teen in my era would be caught dead wearing boots, carrying my books in a death grip so they would not get wet from the powder falling from the sky. When I got to the stop, there were others waiting. The snow kept on, as we continued to wait. Finally, we collectively decided the bus was not coming. So our little group disbursed, heading in different directions home. When I finally arrived home, I realized I did not have my keys so I rang the bell. Much to my surprise and my chagrin, my dad answered the door. He had decided to leave a bit later for work. Needless to say, he noticed my shoe wear and proceeded to let me know how inappropriate they were for such a day. And don’t think he did it in a calm manner. Despite the weather conditions, a snow day was not forecast, so I changed into boots, so uncool, as my mom warmed up our Suburban truck and drove me to school. To this day, when I don’t wear boots, I still hear my dad’s voice. Now it brings a smile to my face, knowing I was cared about then and still am today.

On this first of 2014, I am immersed in good memories mesmerized by the tiny puffs of white swirling in an ever changing dance to accommodate the wind. Wide eyed, I witness a thriving snow globe outside my bedroom door. It slows, then speeds up, then spins round and round, as one or two flakes escape to rest softly on the deck. Keeping a steady rhythm, it blankets the trees, the ground and the rooftops. Untouched, pristine, flawless pure white…just like each new year, each new moment, each new day.

Yep, I am an adult…well in age. Yep, it is snowing…a ballet of flakes. Yep, I have the day…fresh start. Yep, I have done the snow day dance…

Yippee, Yahoo…how about you?

Happy New Year, New Day, New Whatever You Desire,


2 thoughts on “Snow Day Thoughts

  1. It’s so nice to read your words. Annie. I’ve been wondering how you are. Your descriptive writing is delightful to read, as usual.

    We’re getting snow here in Wisconsin too. I wonder when it will stop? Lon has shoveled or blown the driveway free of snow several times since the snow started yesterday.

    I hope to read more of your writing in 2014.

    Happy New Year to you, Annie.

    1. We are getting our ‘first’ big snow fall. Have winter storm warnings till tomorrow at noon. Since I am now in an apartment, I don’t have to worry about shoveling anymore 😉 Except I do help my parents out and they have a snow blower! I LOVED your Christmas post. Beautiful. Happy New Year Cheryl!!!

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